Super Mario Ghost

Super Mario Ghost 1.0

A classic Mario game, but much darker and more sinister
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Super Mario Ghost is an entertaining game for those fans of traditional Mario games who want to experience a change in the environment and find new worlds plagued with new adventures. This particular game is much darker and more sinister than most of those you have seen before.

Similar to its ancestors, Super Mario Ghost is a classic platformer, where you have to jump over and on fearsome creatures along your way. All that while you're trying to stay on platforms without falling down.

The adventure gets more exciting if you manage to pass the first level, Haunted Valley, in order to move on to the next one; but be aware of the surroundings, because one simple split - and you may find yourself falling into an abyss to fight a huge ghost.

The program allows you to adjust the video quality, which is essential for computers with low-end graphics components: this way, nobody is left out from getting a chance to have a go at the entertaining adventures in Super Mario Ghost. The game also has an option to play in full-screen or windowed mode.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining
  • Unique and interesting


  • Too scary for little kids
  • Jumping off enemies is a bit awkward
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